Home Again

First, I was a groomsman at Kevin and Brittany's wedding. I was wearing non-black and was hatless, showing how much I respect them, and they had milk for me to drink during the toasts, showing how much they respect me. I had a blast. A few days after, it was off to Japan with my mom. We had a great time, and saw the traditional and the modern sides of Japan. Almost as soon as I was home, I was an usher in Taylor and Erika's wedding. Taylor gave me a great card , and I organized a few friends to sing a Klingon drinking song from Star Trek. It was fitting, since my earliest memory of Taylor was at a Star Trek-a-thon.

Aside from my travels and weddings, I've been offered a full-time position at work, and I think I'm going to take it. The more cash I can put away for later, the better. I'm not sure what my financial needs will be once I'm in the Corp, but having some money in the bank certainly won't hurt. The downside is that if I'm not careful, I may end up spending too much time working and not enough time getting in shape.

It looks like I won't be in shape enough to pass my fitness test and submit my application in time to make the January class, as I was originally hoping. This is due to getting a later start than I anticipated (graduating delayed starting the fitness program until May), several minor injuries, and my trip out of the country. However, I'm still making good progress and I know that eventually I'll reach my goal and be able to submit my application.

I've also been improving my pistol accuracy, as you can see here and here. Both of these targets were 21 feet away from me, and the distance between the 9's is about 6 inches. I'm trying to work out a time with my instructor to do some shotgun and rifle training as well. More to come soon.

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