What is “soon”?

Can you believe British people put the ? outside the quotes? That's just weird.

Anyway, soon is obviously a relative term. Speaking of relatives, my little sister graduated from college on Friday. She double majored. She's really smart. Then on Sunday, my big sister (in the sense that she's older, don't kill me!) got married to Ian (who is big, and my bother, but not my big brother). Several people had comments along the lines of "who is that?" referring to me, since almost no one had ever seen me in a suit before. Ah, the look of surprise and recognition. Good times!

Well, I have graduated (for those of you who missed that announcement), and I'm working as a web programmer while I get in shape. Once I'm in decent shape I'm joining the Marines, assuming they'll have me, and who wouldn't want me? I have to do things like swim 6 miles with a cinder block tied to each foot and hike up Mount Everest barefoot to prove my worthiness, but I'm getting there. I've now had several pistol classes and a rifle class, and I'm getting to be a pretty decent shot if I do say so myself, though there's plenty of room for improvement in all areas.

And what do I do to unwind after a hard day of 200 pushups and making the world safe for e-commerce? I usually like to relax with a little computational theory work, like writing a program to calculate the numeric constant e to one million decimal places. Yes, I do these kinds of things for fun. More to come when I feel like it.

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