What’s this?

Not quite what you expected when you came to my website, eh? I'm moving some things around. For now, my personal news posts are going to be hosted at johnplaxco.com, while I restructure ignisobscurae.com to be more of my experimental playground. I intend to post articles there on computer-related topics, have sample code and some other nifty things. I'll use johnplaxco.com for stuff related to me and what's going on with me personally.

And while we're on the topic of me personally, I'm postponing joining the Marines indefinitely. My legs simply can't handle all of the running. My bones aren't strong enough, and I keep getting shin splints which make me take two weeks off from running while they heal, and I'm not making any progress towards my running goals. I'm not giving up on getting in shape and being able to run, but I think I need to shift my focus away from the Marines so that I can build up my running slowly instead of trying to get in shape for something as strenuous as the running involved in applying for a commission. By the time my legs get there, it will probably be past the normal window of entry into the Corps, and I'll probably move on with my life.

I'm completely at peace about all of this. I'm sure God has something in mind for me when he gave me the goal of the Marines, and I'm definitely in better shape and healthier than I've been in years. Whatever He's planning, I'm sure I'll find out about it in His time, and it will be perfect for me. Thanks for all your words of encouragement and your prayers for me while I've worked towards and through this. More to come soon.

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