Moving Along

Girl Scout Cookies are very tasty. I need some nieces so I can buy in bulk easily. I only got a case this year. It's already halfway gone.

Things are progressing with my house purchasing plans. I'm working on my document and getting the wheels in motion with the powers that be so that when the middle/end of April comes around I'll be in a position to start the process.

I find that, since I'm not in school anymore, my brain has started craving the feeling of learning again. Not that I'm considering grad school or anything, just a feeling that my mind needs expanding. I've taken to listening to Japanese lessons and software development lectures on my ride to work a few days a week, and that seems to be helping. I find I'm more creative and productive at work, too, though I'm not sure there's a causal relationship there. Anyway, fun times! More to come soon.
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