Pepperoni LAN Party Anime Songs

Pepperoni is tasty. My friend's modem got zapped by lightning over the weekend. Which brings up an interesting point. When it's lightninginging outside, computer-ish part actually tend to attract lightning, if you can believe that. So, when it's lightninginging outside, you may want to just go ahead and unplug those expensive devices. Not just the power cords either, no, you gotta get the network cords and the speaker cords and the telephone cords. Lightning can travel through very small wires.

The opening theme song for the anime Nodame Cantabile will most likely get my vote for the best opening anime song of the year. Nice use of harmony, and a dash of piano in an otherwise normal upbeat pop song is always pleasant. For various reasons I can't watch that particular anime yet, but I've listened to the song a few dozen times today and I'm not sick of it yet.

I'm rambling, but I think that's ok. There's a LAN party coming up on June the 2nd, for those of you who read this and may be interested. Things are still up in the air with my job, and therefore I also can't get a house yet. I'm thinking about upgrading to a vehicle with air conditioning though. More to come soon.
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