Blue Moon

Tonight is, according to some definitions, a blue moon. You can read more about the various definitions in this WikiPedia article. The definition I'm using today is the calendar blue moon, where tonight will hold the second full moon in May. I figured I may as well write a second news post in May to recognize the event.

Useless stuff no one cares about, I've added a gallery option in the navigation over on the left. It has some anime pictures, and some image editing work I've done (with the GIMP). Also put a link to my resumé, in case you're reading this and thinking about offering me a job, and to get it in the Google index again.

I'm turning 25 in a few days here, which is kind of scary, but I haven't been dwelling on it. Instead, I've been looking forward to the LAN party coming up tomorrow, the shooting class I'm taking next week, and a possible trip to visit some friends of mine out of state.

As for my job/house/etc situation, there's been some movement inside the company towards a plan that may actually generate profit (!!), but no visible results yet. Hopefully more to come soon.
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