Quarter Century

Well, as seems to happen every year, I’m a year older now than the same day last year. Funny how that works out. Some things seem to be making some progress. The management at work has announced some pretty interesting changes to our business model that make it look like we could actually make some money. Hopefully it will lead to bonuses/raises by the end of the year. I’ve built a few servers for various people over the past few months, which is a nice way to help friends and earn the occasional bit of additional income. I’m also working on a side project, and online mass-product commerce website where you can get gift baskets and just about anything else. Hopefully that will help me generate a bit of additional revenue. Still living at home, so most of my money is going straight into the bank, but hopefully in the next few months things will be in place for me to get my own house.

And, for those of you who both care and are technically inclined, I finally added an RSS feed to my website you can subscribe to, so you don’t have to actually come to my website anymore. Very exciting stuff! More to come soon.
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