Updates on many fronts

Yeah, I don't post often enough. I know. Here's what's going on. At my job, we're releasing a new version of our software, which is a nice face lift and partial rewrite of our existing software. The internal release was today, a major deadline, and while we technically met it, we still have a lot to do before we release it to the public. It's pretty exciting to see what three guys can do when they lock themselves in a conference room for 2 weeks. I feel pretty good about what we were able to accomplish.

The side project is picking up some steam; we're starting to get some traffic, and we're testing out the basic business model strategy. So far all is looking good. We're about to launch a few more sites in our portfolio in the next few weeks. My contracting work, which is a whole separate thing, is also going pretty well. I have some work to do for a Friday deadline that I'm confident I can make without everything spinning out of control.

As for the house, things are moving pretty rapidly. Last weekend, I went all over my target area with my two realtors and my mom, looking at various properties. The one I liked the most was half of a duplex in Sandy Springs. I enjoy how spacious it feels inside, and when I'm done living there, the property is positioned to rent well enough to cover the mortgage payments. The financing is a little tight on my current pay, but it'll work out.

Anyway, that's where things stand. I have some other news coming along shortly. I could be a home owner in about 2 weeks! More to come soon.

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    I have my own home page, isn't that good enough?

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