I've decided I'm not a huge fan of tires. While they do tend to go round and round, like my thought process, sometimes they explode. I hadn't replaced the tires on my truck since I bought it about 15,000 miles ago, and they were getting to be pretty worn. On thursday night at about 11pm, on the giant interstate the circles Atlanta, my rear-right tire popped, sending me skidding onto the shoulder. It was very exciting. Then I spent the next half an hour trying to pry off the overtightened lug nuts and get the spare out, and the jack wasn't really tall enough to get the new tire on which caused additional difficulties. Then I had to drop over $250 on a new set of tires. I figured replacing them all was a good idea given their state. I am also teaching my computer how to play checkers and I just passed the half-way point on the novel I'm writing. More to come soon!
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