In preparation for the inevitable rise of the zombie hordes, I've been updating my emergency preparedness kit. It now includes some military field rations, water purification tablets, some parachute cord (really strong stuff), and other miscellaneous things. A small step closer to surviving the apocalypse. I'm going to visit my old roommate Brian in Charleston next weekend. We'll chat about zombies and computer stuff, just like old times. I've decided that Battlestar Galactica is sufficiently sci-fi for me to be interested in it. Kevin and Brittany come over on Friday afternoons and we watch a few episodes of that, along with an episode of the new Terminator TV show that we lovingly refer to as River Tam Beats Up Everyone. I haven't started rewriting my novel yet, but it's on my list of things to do. My weekends of late seem to have been consumed trying to get my two Internet connections (long story) to work together towards peace. It's been an uphill battle, and things still aren't settled quite yet, but we're getting close. The next LAN party will be within the month, I hope. Everybody go buy a USB joystick! It's going to be a fly-space-ships-and-shoot-aliens LAN party this time around! More to come soon.
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