If Horses Had Wings

We'd all be eating steak. At least that's how the quote goes. Anyway, my time in sunny Sausalito is coming to an end. Friends from Atlanta are going to be helping me make the drive across country, with a brief stop in Las Vegas on the way, with a possible additional stop at the Hoover Dam, since we'll be nearby.

My time in California has been very educational in many ways. I got to learn about what's involved in making console games with my work on the Sony Home project for the Playstation 3. I've gotten to learn what's involved in writing games and apps for the iPhone, and started a small company with my partner Zack to do just that. I've also gotten to practice making friends and dealing with them moving away, and how to work with people effectively over the Internet. I've made several good friendships (an increadible feat in such a short time, at least for me), and I think they're strong enough to survive this transition. I've also learned that ignorance leads to oppression and exploitation by those with power, at least to some extent. I very much disagree with how this state handles its gun control laws, environmental laws, and its governmental cash flow. It's been very enlightening to watch how a different state handles the issues involved in running their government and policing its citizens. There is a definite big brother atmosphere out here. Either that or I'm paranoid.

So what will I be doing when I get back to Atlanta? In the short term, I'll be trying to find a house to rent with a roommate or three (rent for my 500 square foot apartment here is about as much as my mortgage payment was in Atlanta), and continuing with my iPhone business plus any side work that comes up. At the moment I don't have a definite plan to run out and get a 9-to-5 job doing web programming or anything like that. Being my own boss is a very liberating experience, and I'd like to stick with it if I can convince myself it's economically viable. The company that I came out here to work for has less than 60 days of operating capital left, so I would have been moving home pretty soon regardless of other circumstances that are prompting it now.

And finally, in closing and conclusion, I should be pulling into my parents' house in Roswell on the evening of the 22nd of May, making the following morning (Saturday of Labor Day weekend) a wonderful opportunity to invite you all over to help me unload the truck into my parents' basement and do some grilling! Details coming soon.
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