Hello, 2010!

Hello there! The year is 2010, so be sure to update your calendars. In a move sure to shock many of you, I have purchased an Xbox360. Yes, that's right, a Microsoft gaming console. Why this major departure from discounting all things Microsoft? Two reason. First, our Nintendo Wii is broken to the extent that it is unable to play Rock Band 2, and with an Xbox360 we can play again (albeit we need to get new instruments etc, but that's roughly the cost of what we can sell our existing Wii equipment for). And the second is the soon-to-be-released Final Fantasy XIII. Though only the main title theme of 13 is being composed by Nobuo Uematsu, I still think the game will be pretty ok. 12 wasn't a total letdown and it's in the same musical situation. Thankfully, Uematsu has been signed to do the entire soundtrack for 14, so I'm looking forward to that, now that I've finally finished playing 12.

I'm thinking about taking some Japanese courses at the local community college this Summer. Could be fun.
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