I/O Bus Error

Lately it's been on my mind how much I see the world through the eyes of a computer scientist. I remember as I grew up, people would talk about "points of view," but the world was just the way it was, and that was that. But now I see that's not exactly the case. Now, when I think about the people that come to my lan parties, I think of a breadth-first search of a bidirectional graph. When I work physics problems, I do it the same way I'd write a computer program: get an answer, see if it's right, if not go back and fix bugs. The only problem with this approach is that physics tests don't let you go back and fix things, they have to be right the first time. This incompatability in "viewpoint" frustrates me frequently. The obvious solution is to make everyone see things the way I do, as it's obviously the correct way. Like Randy always said, "be the computer." More to come soon.
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