Miscellaneous Ramblings

You didn't think I could spell miscellaneous, did you? Well, I couldn't, I had to look it up. But that's not the point. One side of our country has earthquakes, the other has hurricanes, and right down the middle come tornados. There is no safe place to live. Which brings me to my first point: Life is full of risk. Sure, this may seem obvious, but if you think about it, you knew (or figured out) what you were getting into when you signed on for this. The unexpected happens, so you better get used to the idea. Which brings me to my next point: Expectations begets (not bigets nor begits) disappointment. This has been a recurring theme in my rants. But there's my final tie-it-all-together point: Unfulfilled expectations are simply wrong expectations, and/or a faulty understanding of the situation. God will ultimately leverage everything to His glory, so that's what we should be expecting. We shouldn't be expecting life to go perfectly, and we shouldn't go around blaming God for when our faulty expectations aren't met to our satisfaction.

Wow, my rant ended up having some kind of coherent logical structure. That was certainly accidently and unexpected ;) More to come soon.
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