A Little Breather

Little being the key word. First a correction, I had midterms last week. The breather part came from my fall "break" which consisted of Monday and Tuesday off. Gee, thanks Tech, 2 whole days! Everyone else I know got 5 days off between 2 weekends, and went to Florida. Ah well. I did pretty well on my midterms, and am happy with the way the semester is shaping up.

So this afternoon, while taking a short break from studying, I went outside and re-installed the power supply for my carputer project. 1 reel of solder later, it seems to be installed correctly, but one of the wires is too short so I'm going to have to undo some of my handiwork to get it positioned properly. If I ever get my camera fixed maybe I'll take a few photos and start up a projects page. More to come soon.
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