No Left Turn

Well, today was the first day of class. As usual, there were unexpected details that cropped up that needed to be dealt with, like an unexpected No Left Turn sign on your way to your wedding or something. Maybe not that drastic. In my case it's a slight scheduling conflict. I'd originally given myself half an hour to get home to attend my online Japanese class (or more accurately, I gave no thought whatsoever to the travel time), but when I timed it today it was over an hour. After conferring with my professor, I am going to use the language lab computers if they're not in use, and if they are, I've procured internet access through the nearby residence of my good friend and Japan travel companion, Kevin. Kevin had jaw surgery and looks like a whale, I'm told. LAN party was awesome, if slightly few-numbered as half the people that said "probably" ended up saying "no." Class is going to be rough this semester, check back weekly for whining. More to come soon.
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