Strength and Honor

I've stuck to my self-designed "workout" schedule for an entire week. I think this may be a first. Workout is in quotes because it doesn't entail the amount of exertion normally associated with the term. The reason for this is my total lack of in-shape-ness. But after a week I can honestly say I can tell a difference. I just feel... stronger. Pretty cool. I've officially got a job with Radius3, a web application company (sort of). The main problem I have with it is the office is an hour away from my house, but I'm working on setting up some software so I can work on my laptop from home or school, instead of having to go in to the office all the time. I tossed up another day on my Japan page. Don't whine about it being short; it was a travel day. I added a map to each of the travel days, highlighting where we traveled to and from, so be sure to check them out. More to come soon.
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