End Gets Closer

Calculus test on friday. Yay. I actually don't think it's going to be too too bad, since it's just plugging numbers into stupid formulae and doesn't require much thinking, just remembering the formulae. I'm close enough to the end of the semester where I'm pulling out my calculator and figuring out what kind of grades I have to get on my finals to pass the classes because I don't want to study unduely hard and give myself an anyurism. Cause that would be bad. Soon I will get my blissful 1.5 weeks off, during which I will hopefully working a bunch to beef up petty cash for when my truck explodes. Oh and of course a trip to Nashville to see people graduate. More to come soon.

  • Re: End Gets Closer
    - jakkarth Reply

    Ok, so not quite as well as I was hoping. As long as I got a 30 on it, and I get a 35 on the test, and I do well on my 3d spinning cube project, I'll be fine. I hate calculus. Glad it's almost over.

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