Stress and Excitement

On tuesday morning, I was woken by the sound of two of my harddrives going KACHUNK! over and over, ruining themselves. It's now friday night and I'm just now finally getting things back in order. I'm glad this nightmare is finally over. I rescued most of my data, thankfully. Two drives, on the same day at the same time. That's just sad.

On the other hand, things are really starting to spin up for this Final Fantasy concert next weekend. My mom is singing in the chorus, which will be singing in 2 of the pieces, and since she's in the chorus I get discounted tickets. And so do my friends. All 12 of us. So friday night I'm going to see it with my dad, and then saturday morning we're going to have a LAN party for a few hours and then me and 11 of my merry friends are going to see it. And, to top it all off, we got the best seats in the house both nights. But it gets weireder!

A guy called me up this afternoon who works for the Atlanta Journal Constition, the local Atlanta newspaper. He has a friend in the chorus my mom sings in, and he's writing an article about the Final Fantasy games and their music, and so tomorrow afternoon he's going to come visit me at the lab (aka my room) and watch me play for a while and talk about it. Such oddness and excitement! More to come soon.

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