Running Uphill

This semester is going to be the heaviest load I've ever taken... but it is so exciting! On the one hand, I'm taking Networking II, in which I have to develop an orderable reliable network protocol. Networking happens to be my emphasis, so obviously I'm happy about getting to do such a cool project. Then there's my Terrorism class, where I get to do a bunch of research into the different types of attacks that have been used so far, target selection, organizations, media coverage, and just about anything else related to the topic. That class gets a term paper. Then there's my Senior Design Project, wherein I'll be working with a small team to develop a video editing template program. It's kinda hard to explain, but it'll be a fun little project and will look good on my resumé. And then for desert, in my Video Game Design class I'm working with another group to develop a cell phone-based multiplayer video game, and the icing on that cake is that it's turning into a research project as well, and it's likely that we'll be spending time with the embedded systems lab playing with cell phones donated by Cingular. As if that weren't cool enough, if the research looks promising we may get a grant and do a mini-term graduate research course tacked on to the end of my time at Tech. And then I'm also taking some stupid math class that I don't like. But the code!! The beautiful code! Ah, this is what college was supposed to be! Lots of hacking! More to come soon.
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