Another Step up the Staircase

Today I registered for the last classes I'll have to take in my undergraduate career, assuming that I don't fail anything. That puts me on schedule to graduate in 174 days 21 hours 8 minutes. I'm pretty excited about it. One of my professors sat me down today and spent about 20 minutes explaining to me why he thought I should be a Marine instead of an Air Force officer. Much to think about. Current classes are going ok. I think I'm going to pass everything. Lots of stuff left to do and only about 4 weeks to do it in. Next week is playtesting for my cell phone video game (promo poster) (commercial), and I also have to finish up my research paper on Cyber Targets of Terrorism, not to mention we still have a lot to do on our senior design video editor project. And of course I still have to keep up with networking and probstat. So much to keep track of! Back to work, more to come soon.
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