I guess I should post something now, since starting tomorrow I won't have time. Due to some spiffy juggling of credits, the D I received in networking last semester is going to count towards graduation after all. That means I just have to retake probability and statistics in addition to everything else I was already supposed to take this semester, bringing my load up to a whopping 18 hours. This is more hours than I've ever attempted and will easily be the hardest semester in my illustrious (read: long) career.

As if that wasn't enough pressure for this semester, I'm in the proccess of applying to become a United States Marine officer. While my academics are where I need them to be for this process, my physical training scores are basically as bad as they can be. I have a few months to bring myself up to spec, and that's going to take a lot of work. I'll be waking up before the sun, studying, going to class, working out, and going back to sleep again. I won't really have time for anything else except maybe on Sundays. Oh so much fun! More to come, probably at spring break.

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