Progress Report

Ok, I got a 98 on my first combinatorics test, a 92 on my first OS test, full points on my first OS project, full points on my first probstat homework, 100 and 98 on my two EAS labs, 25/30 on my first 3 EAST quizes, 68 on my first EAS test (with a class average of 71), full credit on my first written assignment for techcomm, and full credit for my presentation in techcomm. I haven't gotten any grades in graphics yet, which annoys me because I turned in the first project over 2 weeks ago, but I have an email in to the TA to check on it. I'm stoked, things seem to be going really well. More to come spring break-ish.

Oh, and happy single awareness day / national day of annoyance.

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