Spring Break

So far, this semester has been an amazing ride. Current state of my grades: Probstat: c. Graphics: b. Combinatorics: b. EAS: a. Operating systems: a. Technical writing: a. This gives me an overall GPA of 3.3, which is probably the highest I've had while at tech. I'm not sure I can hold my probstat grade up though. Now it's past drop day, so I'll have to give it my best shot. For the Marines, I'm still working on some paperwork and trying to get myself in shape to pass the entrance physical fitness test. More on that as it develops. And finally, spring break! From friday afternoon to sunday night, I worked as a videographer and photographer at an anime convention on tech campus. It was a blast, I had a great time. It was the first anime convention I'd ever been to, and I think working on staff would be more fun than going as a participant. I'll post a link to some photos when they're up on the convention website, here. A lot of stuff didn't go quite as planned, but I think the guests had a good time and that's what's important. I, on the other hand, got about 6 hours of sleep total over those three days. Now I'm going to go return the video equipment I borrowed from the campus library, get my gun fixed, and other random stuff. LAN party this Friday!!! I'll try to post a few times before graduation. More to come eventually.
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